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vegan life, happy vibes

Step into our vibrant vegan oasis, where positivity fills the air. Experience the energy, leave with a smile.


Located in lovely Prenzlauerberg is our pride and joy, Greenfinch. Come over for a good conversation, great coffee and some delicious cake and food.

Our values of a vegan lifestyle is to find balance in everything you do. Be healthy but also indulge in your favourite sweet.

Life is too short to not enjoy it.

flavour meets compassion 

We strive to make your experience as great as possible, that's why we use quality products. With coffee from our friend MILES coffee design, ceremonial grade matcha from Matchasome and lovely teas from Paper & Tea (among other products) we guarantee you that we serve you the good stuff.

Famously known for our insanely fluffy pancakes and our impossible vegan cheesecakes we also serve up a mean and gooey grilled cheese, a flavour bomb of a orange and lavender cake and the warmest hug in the shape of our home made chai latte. We welcome all (especially dogs) and look forward to serve up some of your favourite vegan treats.

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